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Update - July 8

Brooklyn had surgery yesterday to remove her kidney and the tumor and is recovering in the hospital. The surgery went well and she will spend a few days in the hospital, before she is able to go home. She is in a lot of pain and isn't able to eat solid food yet, but is doing well.

Her scan results showed that the tumor shrunk 92% with the chemotherapy treatments, which meant that it was safe for the doctors to proceed with her surgery. In addition, it looks like the cancer that was in her lungs has disappeared, but she will still need to undergo additional chemotherapy and start radiation treatments once she's recovered from the surgery to ensure that all of the cancer is eradicated.

Thank you guys for your thoughts, prayers, donations and gifts! I know they have helped to brighten her spirits and give their family hope. There's still a long way to go, but it is a miracle how much she has improved so far!


Hey guys, I wanted to be able to give everyone an update on :iconaquasequoialioness: and her daughter’s situations. As mentioned in my previous journal entry, Aqua’s 3 year old daughter, Brooklyn, has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Nephroblastoma, (also known as Wilm's tumor). Wilm's tumor is a rare kidney cancer that primarily affects children ages 3-5 years old. The cancer also spread to her lungs, (I don't know how badly), but hopefully that will be successfully treated at a later date with radiation.

So far, Brooklyn has had a surgery to insert a port in her chest so that they can administer her chemotherapy and take blood samples easier. She has had a total of 6 chemotherapy treatments to date. When she was first diagnosed, the doctors judged that the tumor was too large to be safely removed, so she has been receiving chemotherapy treatments in order to shrink the tumor, so that the entire kidney and the tumor could both be safely removed. She is scheduled to have scans taken on July 2nd to see how much the tumor has shrunk and if it is safe to proceed with the surgery. The follow up for those scans will be on July 7th, so that is when they will know how to proceed.

Brooklyn has had a lot of ups and downs throughout her chemotherapy treatments. She often has abdominal pain and is sometimes sick to her stomach or physically exhausted. She was in the hospital for a few days due to having some blood clots on June 11th, but is doing much better now. Due to the chemotherapy treatments, she lost some weight and has lost all her hair, but is still just as beautiful as ever. Right now the main concern is to keep her away from people who are sick, as her immune system is low and they do not want her to catch anything.

In a completely unrelated event, Aqua was diagnosed with a lump in her thyroid a few weeks before her daughter was diagnosed. Fortunately, Aqua’s biopsy results were benign and she had her thyroid removed on May 28th. She had some difficulty healing from the surgery at the start, due to not getting enough rest and being worried about Brooklyn, but she is doing much better now.

If you guys have facebook, you are welcome to check out their page for updates about Brooklyn and how she's doing here (… )

I haven’t been able to speak to Aqua very much, but I did manage to chat with her for a few minutes a couple of weeks ago. She told me that she was very touched to hear that people here were thinking or praying for them, and that she really appreciated the thoughtful gift art. She said it meant a lot to her to know that people cared and that it really cheered her up. She said she felt guilty for not replying to anyone yet, but I told her that people would understand and to take her time. The most important thing right now is for them to focus on getting enough rest so that they can keep their strength up. She said that she is so grateful for such wonderful friends and thoughtful gifts/messages. So guys, please know that you made a big difference! Thank you!! :heart:

I’ve been working on getting the headshots done. So far I have a couple up and a few more will hopefully get there in the next few days. I’m sorry I haven’t been faster but I’ve been taking my time on them, and I’ve also been a bit bogged down with a course. But don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten and I will get them all done! :la:


Just reposting this bit from the last journal...

I know money is tight for a lot of people right now, so if you are unable to donate, that’s totally fine. But if you can help, they have a page set up for donations here ( ). Every bit helps and is greatly appreciated, no matter the amount.

I would really love to be able to help cheer them up. If anyone is willing and able to draw gift art for them as a surprise, I know it would help put a smile on their faces. I've posted refs for their characters at the bottom of this post. I couldn’t find a proper reference online, so I did a simplified one of the colors for MJ and Matt (Aqua's fursona and her husband's fursona). If you're unsure of anything, feel free to ask me.

It could be a picture of all of them or just one – a colored drawing or a sketch – anything is fine! It could even be a lineart that Brooklyn could color. Please know that if you do draw something, it may take Aqua a few days to comment on it, but she will see it and I know it will brighten up her day. As a personal thank you, I will happily draw a headshot of one character of your choice for every person who does gift art for her.

You guys are welcome to send her messages/emails/anything to ask more about the situation or offer words of support. Again, it may take her some time to reply, so please don’t think she’s ignoring you or anything.

Lastly, if you believe in a higher being and can keep Aqua and Brooklyn in your prayers, they would appreciate it so much. Or if you could pass along the link to their donation page, that would be wonderful.

Thanks so much guys. :heart:

MJ and Matt's colors - AquaSequoiaLionessRef by SunRei

Brooklyn's ref - Character for Aqua by SunRei (the bows aren't required, I mainly used them to show she's a girl)

A few examples of their characters - Family race :commission: by TorazTheNomad Contentment by SunRei
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TRHPaty Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2015
Yay! I am so happy to see she is going so well! :glomp: She's a little warrior! :heart:
SunRei Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2015
Yes, she really is! She sure stays cheerful, even if she's in pain. Thanks! :hug:
TorazTheNomad Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Wow, thank you for sharing this update! It's good to hear Aqua's doing well and hopefully Brooklyn will get good news soon <3 
SunRei Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2015
Thanks Tor! :hug: Its a huge relief that Aqua is doing better, and also to have some answers and a plan for Brooklyn. I'll definitely share any other news I hear! :)
Shembre Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2015  Professional General Artist
This was nice to have an update on their situation. :aww: I hope things go well for Brooklyn in the next couple weeks!!!! And that's great to hear that Aqua is doing better as well. c:
SunRei Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2015
Aww, thanks! I've been trying to find the time to get one up for a few days, but sometimes life is just...crazy busy, lol. Its such a relief to me to have posted this though - I feel totally different than I did posting the last one, partly because I have more hope (and answers) than I did then. Its so much better when you have an understanding of what's wrong and how they plan to try to fix it.

Every good day Brooklyn has feels like a big victory! :dummy:
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